Uppena Movie Box Office Collection Day Wise & World Wide

Uppena Movie Box Office Collection Day Wise & World Wide

Uppena movie ft. Aussie (Vaishnav Tej) Fisherman. Angling in the sea Keeping father Janaya (Sai Chand) alive The only well-known boy that loves Bebamma (Kriti Shetty) greater than life. Bebamma means life even from an early age. Yet her daddy Rayanam (Vijay Sethupathi) indicates anxiety to the village. For Rayana, self-respect means life even more than a daughter. It is a male that believes that also the life of the lost day will certainly be shed.

Uppena Movie Box Office Collection

The movie is releasing with high assumptions on more than 1000+ displays worldwide. The Pre-release organization of the film is greater than Rs.40 Crore including theatrical and also Non-Theatrical rights. This is just one of the largest debut film launches for new faces of Tollywood after motion pictures like Chirutha and also Akhil. The super success of the Uppena and cast of this film. and the whole team enjoy the movie success. Get the latest trending tech news, mobile phones, laptops, and business updates at youdem.tv.

Here find the 4 Days India Net Collection – 41.54 Cr and 4 Days Worldwide Collection – 49.50 Cr

DayNizamCededGunturKrishnaNelloreWestEastUADay Total
Day 13.08 Cr1.35 Cr0.65 Cr0.62 Cr0.35 Cr0.81 Cr0.99 Cr1.43 Cr9.28 Cr
Day 22.32 Cr1.18 Cr0.45 Cr0.49 Cr0.23 Cr0.32 Cr0.63 Cr1.24 Cr6.86 Cr
Day 32.93 Cr1.31 Cr0.48 Cr0.66 Cr0.28 Cr0.4 Cr0.74 Cr1.46 Cr8.26 Cr
Day 41.3 Cr0.75 Cr0.25 Cr0.23 Cr0.15 Cr0.2 Cr0.48 Cr0.8 Cr4.16 Cr
Day 50.98 Cr0.54 Cr0.18 Cr0.18 Cr0.11 Cr0.17 Cr0.38 Cr0.57 Cr3.11 Cr
Total Collection10.61 Cr5.13 Cr2.01 Cr2.18 Cr1.12 Cr1.9 Cr3.22 Cr5.5 Cr31.67 Cr

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